May 3, 2013

Silly Games

I was opportune to grace a couple of events some months back and I encountered what I tag as "Interesting Findings." Some of it made me smile and some forced my body to ooze with irritation. For the purpose of this post, I would classify my observations into two categories.

Note - I do exaggerate quite a lot.

The assessment stage 
I noticed that before a show commences, a natural cycle of both sexes is formed. Guys are usually stationed at one corner, often loud and chatting about irrelevant topics. They do not fail to put on a stylish stance as they chat
away. One leg in front of the other, hands in the pocket or one hand leaning on a friend's shoulder, the other in the pocket and both legs mashed up together as if it caught some hidden treasures that it would mind sharing with everyone.

The ladies are most times than not skimpily dressed with their faces harbouring heavy makeups. They are also buried in their little corners consisting of three to four friends. The most aggravating part is that they remain there just still, occasionally uttering words to one another when they feel the need. They have their faces down, hands pressing at what we describe today as smart phones. They keep scrolling through the phone. I do not have to be close enough to tell that they are hardly doing anything serious on the phone but just merely whiling away time. Some would smile, so they do not seem too awkward standing alone, others would keep up with the pretence of having something they are engrossed with. And then I wonder if it is the same phone we both have.

This is when the guys in their stylish stance steal a glance or two at the ladies that hold their interest. They chat amongst themselves some more.

The girls are able to decode this from across the room. They become a little bit conscious - stealing glances with the sides of their eyes, adjusting well they say the rumpled areas of their dresses, giving out fake laughters.

And you are well aware of what a smile does. It works magic. Now unto the next stage

The interaction
It's almost a repeat of the first stage. He spits some game, the girl does a bit of hair whipping and they carry on from there.

The most fearless player among the guys is dispatched first. The other guys watch with anticipation written all over their faces. They watch as he walks over to her in his most swagged out walk. They cheer for him silently. Their eyes still unsettled with curiosity.

Other girls watch - some happily cheering and wishing her good luck, others masked with envy but pretending to show support.

The two finally click, they exchange numbers and carry on with their usual activities. After this, questions ensue from both friends.

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