May 11, 2013

The Giver or Receiver in a Relationship

I have overheard people arguing as if their lives depended on it that a man should be the giver in a relationship and the woman, the receiver. Each time I hear this, I cringe and I am almost provoked to put an end to their idle talks but you know how stupid I would look jumping into a strangers conversation. So all I do is to cringe and cringe till I cannot do so anymore. No one needs to tell me to look for the next available seat. Then I ask what was I doing not minding my own business?

Moving on,

I hate to offend anyone with my statement but I solely believe that no one has the sole role of "a receiver" and "a giver" in a relationship. It is true that the man might give more out of affection or he might just be the kind of guy that loves his lady to look good so he spoils her with gifts. I see no problem with that but I do when a lady cannot take the initiative of returning the same favour. The
only time she feels it is right for her to do so, is perhaps during his birthday, maybe on valentine's day and christmas. Who says a gift should be handed only on special occasions?

A gift could be anything. It could be your time, preparing his favourite meal, taking him to a concert. It does not have to have monetary value attached to it.

I have had enough of people complaining about how stingy their men are. If he his so stingy, why don't you try to bombard him with gifts and see if he does not become burdened by it. I am sure he would return the same favour before you know it.

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