Saturday, November 22, 2014

The days in retrospect

It'll be December in a few weeks and i'm here thinking when did the days go so fast? Even more what did I do all September up until now? "I possibly can't have forgotten how the school semester begun". I say trying so hard to convince myself while deep in thoughts reminiscing.      
       Erm it started off with little sleep because I suddenly undertook a big project before the school semester commenced. And so I spent most of September working my butt off to meet the deadlines for the project as well as that for school. If you ask me, September  for me was a lot of sleepless nights maybe that's why I can only remember bits and pieces of it.
       October came in like a gush of wind determined to last longer than its precursor. It did. But as wonderful as that sounds, I do not remember what I did with that ample amount of time. Well if you must know, I had the days off school for three days. That felt awesome. I remember saying that to myself but the rest of the drama that must have happened in between, seems to have currently flown over my head. I might remember it later but for now my memory is failing me.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Book Review - The Help

Page Count: 464
          So I am one of those people who just got around reading "the help". Absurd eh? While some of you have perused it's content for the umpteenth time.To be more candid, I would never have picked up "the help" on a normal day if not because of the high praise bestowed on it by a friend. My friend always went on and on about how great of a book it was and because of this, my curiosity and interest grew to a point of desperation. I needed to read the book soon enough and so he decided to hand me his copy. I remember getting the book and going all crazy about it not even waiting till I got home before I started reading it on the subway home. At first when I opened the book and begun reading, I was thrown off because of the writing style the author adopted but I decided to persist on since all I heard about the book was nothing but good reports.        


Friday, August 22, 2014

Its all bulls at the end of the day

          I remember listening to Joyce Meyer a few days back nodding as if I've been reincarnated into an Agama Lizard. My head could barely hold still for Joyce's wisdom and dissection of the scriptures seemed somewhat profound and yet so easy to comprehend. I was indeed touched and I noticed that most times when I bobbed, I did so because she was either reiterating some of the things I discussed with friends or was a confirmation that I still was doing a whole lot of things wrong. As usual I was not the least surprised because even when I undergo my haphazard prayer every once when I feel like, I sense something saying "Let go and let God" but the interesting thing is that even though I know this, there's always that urge to fight back and be in control of my life.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What my to read list looks like

Hey everyone,
Here's what my to read list for May/June looks like. I really hope I can get through these books as quickly as possible. I'll be listing the titles and the authors of each book below. Let me know if you have a copy or have read any of the books listed.


This will definitely make you go "Hmn clever"

            Just to gradually intensify the suspense, I thought it'll be a good idea to blab a little.
 You know those wordy passages called prologue that you sometimes detest reading at the very beginning of a novel because you consider it to be a drag? Yup! that's what I'm about to do right now, be full of words through this entire blogpost. But I promise that no matter how much I ramble and go off on a tangent, you'll definitely be able to differentiate between the head, tail or body of this post.

            So here goes my awesome post with even more awesome pictures coming afterwards. I bet, the pictures will definitely make you go "CLEVER" but before we get right to it, I must tell you of my recent fascination.

             For the past few weeks I have found myself constantly obsessed with people's written forms of communication. Well, more specifically written communication that take the shape of a print advertisement or meme. The reason being is that this forms of written communication are most times than not very explicit so that the specific aimed target, can easily deconstruct and absorb the message without qualms.

             As a result of this, I developed my own theory which I'm sure now that I put more thoughts to it, I'm basically reiterating an idea that is not novelty. But oh well, I like to think of it as such. Therefore because of the value this forms place on extending an idea to another in the most precise and simplistic manner, I've begun to view communication within this specific forms  as entailing more than merging words together.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Tale of Every Creative Person

            There's one thing that makes me overly excited, making it really hard for me to even contain the joy I'm raptured in. The reason for this is no other than watching a client leave with utmost satisfaction. It warms my heart and sometimes I question myself about the feeling.

"What could this be?" And the response I get is, it's the feeling of accomplishment.
Yes! Finally I say after all those sitting, paper tossing, scribblings, sometimes tearing up and long walks to welcome a creative idea.

           This is why I love leaving any creative work I do with so much eagerness and happiness because I can't wait till I see the look of satisfaction on the client's face. I'm like finally where has relief gone because I missed you baby.

            I do not know how to describe the feeling but the image that comes to mind is a chocked person. This particular individual in question, lays in wait till he gets the relief he needs to have his life back on track again. So he's constantly struggling, waving his hands to call attention to himself until someone comes to the rescue. The same concept can be synonymous with any creative work. One's mind is constantly in chaos.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

By the list

Hey there!
 I decided to try something new. Let me know your thoughts on it. Enjoy!

To go by the list. She said
By the list you must go
Anything that escapes the beauty of my pen does not deserve acknowledgement
For years I have secretly penned the inner workings of my mind
Shutting it when a stranger comes into sight
For they do not have to know the journey of my mind

Or the confusion that lay in it
So by my list I go
Scribbling my dealings for the next day
That's not even yet in sight
But as my fidgety hands will have it,
Fuelled with its own nervousness,
And consumed with the pleasures of ticking and crossing off any list

I tucked in my duvet nicely today


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here's to the crazy ones

Here's to the crazy ones that make you scoot over almost tumbling on your way to the next seat. Your next exact reaction is to shield your face and eyes from meeting theirs. You'll be in a hell load of mess if that happens.

              The next day you spot them again in the subway. This time, they are your next door neighbour. They prefer not to let you have the peace and quiet you need to regain your confidence or even your knowledge of words.
            "Hey there" He says with his mouth drooling with saliva.
            "H-e-y" You say nervously watching him as he rummages and scratches his groins ferociously.
He grins at you then takes a sniff at it exhaling with relief. You hear the announcement for the next stop  knowing it isn't yours, you squeeze your way through for freedom. Out there you let out a sigh of relief. It was a thousand times worth the abruptness.

                       Happy Easter yall.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's to ridiculousness

             I can't possibly be the only person that gets a tad appalled when I see someone in their late twenties or early thirties with a skateboard.

Just the other day while on the subway home. I saw a plump scruffy looking man with a skateboard. He had tattoos, his hair flying in all manner of directions, oversized clothes, dirty looking sneakers and possibly reeking of alcohol and body sweat. I eyed him while he happily got off the train.
            It was after he got off that I fell into deep thoughts again. I wondered what fascinated men from the western world with skateboards. I have been living here for five years and I still can't wrap my head around why.

I always thought they'll grow out of this but each time the sun comes to pay respect to us in June, I am always proven wrong. Why?!!


No way out

It is four cornered
Tightly sealed and yet slightly loosed
Letting the air flush in
Bringing in with it unpleasant odour of struggle...
Held bound with chains
Running east and west
Rolling like stones without directions
Scattered around and kicked once more
By nonchalant passer-by
Watching with curiosity as their eyes bulge out
And it still trails
But all starring like a sight to see
Yet no one puts a foot forward
To halt as they glide happily
Down the hilly mountains
But they have their hungry legs kicking daily
Trapping the pebbles in its four corners
And they turn away cheerfully
Because that is where the joy lies
When they become trapped
And stationary
They become controlled
As when their legs come over it again
It forces movement and to whatsoever direction
They can conjure easily
Because to the pebbles,
They are words they hearken to
But really it was just a cycle


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