Dec 31, 2013

Keeping up with Tradition

Is it only me that dreams of a workspace that will hold my laptop, a pad and pen to document any sudden thought, a cup of tea and my little pal called an iPhone?

Absolutely not but even when I have a workspace such as this, I always find myself opting for my bed. I squeeze the pillows on my bed till they can hardly breathe. I justify my action by saying I am only trying to get comfortable. I do not bother bringing a cup of tea because I fear that I cannot cope with spillage. I do not bring a pad too because it is way too uncomfortable to scribble while trying to get comfy. That's why I have word so I click on it when a thought surfaces. Now that that bit is taken care of, there is a slight tingle in the nape of my neck. I begin thinking of that workspace again - Filled with dust accumulated from over the years. You would think I have come to a decision to make use of the space. I merely stare at it with the side of my eyes, sometimes eyeing it before turning my eyes away to something more appealing than a desk pilled up with dust.
          I am reminded that I do the same when the semester comes into session. I label my books neatly, gather all the necessary items into my stationary purse and after a quick run through, I shove all into my bag. I keep up with this for two weeks and even commending myself for a job well done. In the third week, I find my sheets taking over my room, hardly a pen in my purse and in lectures, no book to write in so I use my planner.
          You'd ask where did all the passion go?
          I'd say there is just a thing about tradition that makes me go nuts.
So maybe I have identified my weakness and maybe this year that is slowly creeping in would be a year to revert to the old, vibrant me with a love for traditions.

                       Happy new year. Wish you all the best, much love and a glorious year ahead.

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