Dec 27, 2013

Its coming to an end too soon

December is coming to an end.
The once perpetual year is also gathering its sticks for a shut down of its stalls. Then what you remember is that you hardly had the time within those 365 days to reflect upon the days. So you get down to business. But  first you question with amusement how long, maybe days ago you said your happy cheer to usher in the new year.

You vividly recall those memories, more like times you treasure. He sat there. She sat there. They sat there all gathered around a round table. Their happy chatters could be heard from across the street. We were up to our family tradition.

Today, there has been a repeat and how glorious was it that a tear streaming down the sides of your cheeks was inevitable.

Another year is slowly creeping in. And you consider yourself braced up for it. Just like last year which would become two years in no time.

You begin your retrospection in a more profound manner. Plucking information and weighing it against previous years. You're gripped with fear. A tad weakened to go any further but you know if you don't, how else can you prove your love for dynamics and improvement?

So you give it a try. The results alarming. A surprising mix between negativity and positivity. You proved yourself on top of your game in this area, a little relaxed in the other but that does not deter you. Challenges are were you draw your greatest harvest from. So with a loud cry you say amendments shall be made. Not forgetting to dash right to it even though all you have left is four days. 

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