Dec 18, 2013

A New Love for Anything Quaint

         When it comes to designing (Home or a tiny section of the home), I usually make a pick at modern furnitures because I do have a rather absurd belief that they are more exotic, fresh and beautiful to gaze at. This is no other reason than my ignorant self attaching aesthetic qualities to anything modern and tossing an "X"sign at anything I deem quaint.
        As a result, I become blind to anything that has an unusual structure. At times expressing disgust and if I am away from scrutinizing eyes, I can be found cursing. A rather unique way of expressing disgust. I feel shy that I have to share that with you but it is the truth.
        About six or seven months ago, when boredom was eating deep. For some reason boredom has its way of dealing with me. I took to the streets of downtown Toronto with a friend and my sister. We did not have a destined destination and so we were found galavanting about. We were in search of anything that proved itself to be interesting. And that's when we found Putti. Prior to this, we had graced a couple of stores and from the looks on our faces, you could tell that we were beyond satisfied. We were getting a little weary from all the sightseeing. We wanted home. At least that's what I thought until I was pulled into My words cannot quantify how irritated I felt. I was bemused at the reason why my friend wanted to go in and she could clearly read that in my facial expression. She kept apologizing. I felt bad and finally caved in.
      We entered the store, a little crowded and uninviting until we came to another section of the store. I could not contain the excitement I felt and I immediately pulled my phone from where I had it and begun taking pictures. I am glad to say its here I developed my love for "the quaint".

So here, I present to you Putti.

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