Sep 3, 2013

Whispers and no words

No one told us that when 2 + 0 sum up to become 20 and not 2, that our lives would be turned inside out. That the whole fantasy of adulthood would become a nightmare. And while we struggle to walk tall in a world that seems so familiar, that confusion would begin to set itself majestically with a smile. A smile, to see how long we can hold in for. How long we can battle with confusion and navigate our way somehow through numerous pathways.

No one told us that wisdom was not something to be tossed at us but instead, was earned through experience and if luck permits for obvious reasons such as thickheadedness, during swell times with adults. Hopefully, during such times, we realize its time to have our ears to the ground so we can take heed to words spoken by the old and presumably wise ones.

No one told us the rainy days would never fade away. That they would not go up in the air in bubbles to be later dissolved. I wish they would but what can I say that my wishes only give false hope that someday might only become a dynamite if I do not detach myself apace from such pipe dreams.

And here goes my wet friend again! The rain to be precise, only drifting away in dribs and drabs, never making an abrupt exist like men and women sprinting away from a house that has been set ablaze. An horrific sight, women in labour barely able to make their way out and children bellowing continuously which is of a similar quality to the loud cries from town criers who hope to disperse their messages almost at the same speed it takes a door bell to convert from electrical energy all the way to sound energy.

Then you say harvest must come after the rain. Its only the serendipity breeze blowing a tad of love towards my direction. For I got to take in those words from my myriad nights of eavesdropping on your conversation. God bless my soul. I must count my big ears a blessing in disguise.

But how I detest that this ears of mine didn't get to resonate in it the words needed for it to brace up. Anger welling up within me now because I know If I go digging through it, tossing and digging, tossing and digging still,

What would I find?

Life lessons?
A manual on emotion?
A list on how to be responsible?

Maybe? Maybe not? And I would definitely give a bob to both. If you have not noticed yet I am an indecisive fellow. I do not go by the blithe tick or tock rhythm, well refined in its melodies. How can I when I can hardly stamp on my hands, a sign that reads black or white? According to me,  grey seems more suitable.

"I Should warn you" I say tightening my eyes to reveal my anger. So its conspicuous and without a doubt you can tell that my skin didn't just get all wrinkled for nothing.
"Our ears ache from your echoes that revolve around the opposite sex and talks on waywardness"
"Close your tights you say?"
"I beg your pardon. I heard that ever since I became a full fledged woman. You should try something entirely new. Perhaps I might take heed"

 "Or how difficult can it be for a young girl, boy to be sat down and taught about sex education?"
I assume no cost at all would be incurred. Okay, even if there is, its nothing in comparison to the cost of shoes and suits in your closet".

So how do you think they feel to be deprived of knowledge? To only be caged in a room all in the name of protection? Would that be the humane or cowardly thing to do? You choose. You know where you belong.

But I still must express how I feel for them. All this simple minded ones asked for is knowledge on how to navigate their world. Knowledge on how to calm the uneasiness because of a new phase in life. How do they manage their transition from adolescence to adulthood?

"Its a bit too much for me to take in, even more of a sorry sight for those still struggling for a bit of guidance but all they get is chains and if they are not careful, their hands might be found forever being slaves to those chains.

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