Jul 24, 2012

The world is Going Crazy

I think all the inhabitants of planet earth would vehemently agree with me that the world has gone crazy. I mean with all the shootings that have been reoccurring, I'll be right to say some people have some nuts loose. Yeah so before I start
ranting about how much I detest the perpetrators of this act, I'll like to pay homage to the dead first - RIP to all those who lost their lives in the shooting in Colorado, Eating center and Scarborough.

Now with a frank face. I am beginning to think that killing people for fun has become a new fad and I must be missing a whole lot not partaking in it. Okay so as cynical as it might sound I can easily take up arms to claim as many lives as possible and maybe feign psychological disorder or perhaps say its deserving of my religion to do so. I do not get it. Please help me out here. And who thinks a gun ban would put an halt to all this chaos? No way man! it would just heighten it  Then people would be stealing arms and breaking into places, some would lament and wail in pain because they had no arms for self defense.

I am still baffled. What was ringing in the mind of James Holmes? Like really? This dude thought to sit in the comfort of his home and secretly plan his tactics for six months. Six months?? God gracious so this was not something that happened by chance.

 I fear that with the coming Olympics, there might be a repeat of this event. Who knows if someone had been strategically planning his tactic for a year. I pray you all be safe. I am not trying to be pessimistic. I am just been a realist because you see there is no concrete way to halt this crisis. I have lived on this earth for almost two decades and still cops are constantly throwing criminals where they belong but that has not still helped to curb crime. It may have reduced the crime rate but this criminals have people working under them as trainees. So its hard to eradicate them all because the new breed would slowly but steadily spring forth.

So what should be done?  


  1. kofffi(twas nice meeting u in person)August 19, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    its a crazy world we live in,but all we can do is ask for God's protection over us and our loved ones...i pray God almighty comforts all those who lost ones in all these senseless killin..nice article i must admit....Koffi

    1. Aww Kofi thanks. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you. You are too jokes. Thanks for commenting you just made my day :D


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