Jul 2, 2012

A Waitress for a Day!

Last night, I got to be a Waitress.

 I know what you are thinking - Are you nuts?! But Hey! If I might have your attention and perhaps calm those flames with soothing and comprehensible words, maybe thou would hearken to me. If only it be for a trice at least I got you for this moment.

  My little hands got idle. Like boredom was literally eating me away. The day seemed to drift away in a dawdling manner. I could hear the sound of my clock. I could hear it ticking away and still no sign of fulfillment in my daily venture. I assure you If I got a call that instant, I'll leap both out of fright for the day had been bare and calm and out of happiness for my fingers would be triggered back to life. Finally! A message I'll constantly mumble as I toy with my phone.
  I must say, I was appalled because I had no idea that I made a vow to take in a tedious job. Come to think of it the pay was good and this was an opportunity to get busy because I hardly got my hands muddled up with work. The only time I do, is when I lay back, taking in the cool breeze to type out stories or essays for school. And no I am not lazy. It just so happens that I am a full time student during the Fall and Winter semester and when summer approaches, I want to relax and  nurture the idea of having a job till later on in the summer. Lol I think that time has come. I have been up and about all week trying to figure out what kind of job I love. Like duh I should be able to call out an answer in my sleep. Silly me.
   Anyway, I got my self all ready for my job looking all excited with smiles on both cheeks. I was not a waitress per say because I didn't have on them apron and perhaps short dresses to attract future suitors. I kid but that's not a bad idea too. Instead, I wore something of mine even though it was all black. Not that I minded but black?! Okay I did.
   I cannot believe I am going to say this. Yes I loved being a waitress. What do you say?  You know having to take down orders, occasional smiles and  continuous acknowledgments like thank you for a job well done. Men who would not love that? True tips too. I am loving it all way.

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