Jan 30, 2011

Digging up childhood memories

I realized that as we grow older and face our daily struggles, there is a tendency to wish for that nostalgic space of childhood to show its head before us once again. That space where the smell of innocence was brightly displayed and being worry free was a common way of life. The idea of not having to think about work, school and family for once and have others carter to our needs bring delightful smiles to our faces.

I still remember my childhood days clearly although some say memories could be a bit deceiving. I
remember playing round the courtyard in my house with my siblings all day long and after this, it was accompanied with sleep and snoring. I recall the ease that came with living as a child apart from having to study which gave me a hell of a time. I remember the whimsical gowns I had to put on for church and the leggings that had to go with it. God! the gown was a horrible fit.

I remember my fascination with the popular cultures that evolved during my childhood days. From Tom and Jerry to Cinderella, to the ugly flowery patterned pants I wore and to the cute looking single strap top. It was a lovely moment.


  1. I had a happy childhood, very emotionally satisfying. But that part of my life is over. So I devote all my time and energy to loving and enjoying my life now.

  2. Well that is true. I totally agree with you


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