Jan 16, 2011

The diary tale!

I have never related the importance of keeping a well binded book probably coloured, organized  with ruled pages - The diary, to a tale spilling out events of my entire existence. A thing that lays untouched, lonely and helpless captures treasured memories once the pages fly open and people have their arms wrapped around them deliberately rolling a soothing hand over it.

   As a child in my earlier years, it became an unconscious habit to emulate actions put forward. I had seen my dad severally in his study very relaxed holding a pen while scribbling something with no end in a dark book with white pages stained with intensified ink and still wearing a lovely expression. I had adored this moment and soon took to putting down a word or two everyday before my head hit the soft pillow on my bed.

  Simply put - mere ignorance was perceived with my action. The important role a diary played in my life was unknown. My subconscious mind had thrust me into plotting actions I never realized will be useful. All I knew as a child growing up was that I was mesmerized with the decors that were elaborately tossed outside the boarders of the pages I wrote upon. I didn't think that simple act carried much weight with it.

   You can tell once there is ignorance there is no way you can continue in the mastery of whatever act you engaged in swiftly. So it will be well said to presume that I stopped penning things down because the joy that once captivated my entire being had crept behind me.

   As a child with great knowledge about certain issues surrounding me. I had summoned the courage to ask my dad the importance of him writing in a small book everyday. He had said to me, When I die this is what people would go through to write things about me - biographies.  Wow! I said leaving with satisfaction.

   In class a few months back, I got into a brief history about diaries. Well said! it is was a medium used by women slaves to make their voices known. A diary was a thing commonly seen with women and had no relationship with men as we see today. It was a voice for the less fortunate. A place where they could narrate their life troubles and anxieties without being questioned. At this time, diaries were not published into books as we see it today. They were placed in drawers and eased out to become forgotten memories.

   What point am I driving at? - A little book containing our life history might look insignificant to us but to others might be a life saver to them ( It just might be the diary of a nobody now but you wait and see). In essence, every treasured memory made should be documented and not left wandering about. I do not want my memories to be forgotten but instead I want them to linger on in the minds of others.

   Thinking about remembering- A diary flushes our memory with long forgotten things. it brings us back to a world we forgot and when we leave this earth it is a good source for acknowledging the important roles we played in the lives of others.

WHAT DO WE WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR? - Kick it up with a diary!

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