Aug 28, 2012

A Patriot Slave Woman's Diary (3)

November 28th 1775
Hi Pal,

Laughter’s! Talks! Laughter’s again! Of men with contempt I recall as I walk down the once quiet hallway but now radiating angry
roars. The patriot men converged at our household that afternoon sitting eagerly with arms outstretched discussing their strategies for the upcoming war. The supposed scene that afternoon was that of a riot springing up. Men spilled out words loudly, slaves walking back and forth to serve our esteemed masters and children running ignorantly around. I recall some important notions from them. Our esteemed sirs suggest that leaving Britain means leaving their voting rights behind (Johnson 139). To this they argue bluntly. I reasoning as a slave – what voting rights do we have that they talk so justly about? The British say staying in England guarantees our voting rights but where do they place loyalist women who want to remain under their rule but provide no voting rights for them. So is Britain being partial with its distribution of rights – By giving to some and taking from some? A government with so much partiality in its system is undeserving to rule America. As slaves, we inherit from our ancestors the rights which our ancestors possessed (Johnson 139), the rights to be free, vote and own lands but there is no way such rights can be expressed if our masters remain under the rule of Britain.

Then here comes the big question – “if slavery be thus fatally contagious, how is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?” (Johnson 148). We know that our masters who cry loudly for liberty also hold us bound in chains against our free will and that it is mere hypocrisy for our masters to want liberty but still prevent that of others. They too are enslaved under the British Empire and can only profess our liberty only if the British give theirs to them.  This is because “they fear the British will stop at nothing to subdue them(Anderson 202), for “the British are attempting to convince slaves- "us" – promising them freedom if they take up arms against their American masters” (Anderson 201). Our masters live in fear of us and in fear of this happening and cannot let us go. This is because how can a slave just like any other  slave say to one you are free when you too are subjected to slavery – They are all of equal status and no one has greater right over the other.
Ashanti Adams
January 1st 1776
Hello Best Friend,

Oh! Smiles bug me on each and every side of my cheeks pinching here and there and so do bewildering thoughts as to the inquiry of such happiness even as I sit crouched to write. The joyous melodies of freedom captivate my whole self esteem and bring forth images as to what freedom looks like even as enchanted bells ring and proclaim freedom. As I embraced the morning air, as its wind sweeps sleep away, I observe a great gathering of slaves chattering happily amongst themselves. I bend rather slowly to the side, maintaining an adjacent position to them as I peek to see what the deliberation and fuss is about.
The slaves with profound thoughts draw upon their ideas from Paine as to why their masters need to detach apace from Britain. A look-see by them into the works of Paine suggest Britain’s motive is interest and not attachment, for she did not protect us from our enemies just because she wanted to but protected us from her own enemies; also when tunes of war between England and any foreign power comes calling, it affects America as they go down in ruins; they also have to run three or four miles with a petition and waiting for a long time for an answer and lastly the tremendous distance between England and America is a natural proof that the authority of one, over the other, was never the design of heaven (Paine 167).
As slaves have we not had enough hardship? Have we not suppressed our voices for long? Have we not been tied with rugged chains we never wanted? Has Britain not derived enough benefit from America? Has it not manoeuvred its way around America and forced her to be subject to ridiculous laws for too long? Do loyalist slave, women, children and labourers want to conform to this government and is this what they suggest to patriots? – Selfishness of rulers, bondage and hostility?  What is the tiniest bit of possibility that they get their freedom through loyalty to Britain as quickly as possible as the Patriots elites and slaves do?
The “weeping voices of nature cries, TIS TIME TO PART” (Paine 169) and this is what we patriots will do. We have had enough of slavery and now we seek freedom even at the expense of our families. Is this too much to ask for Loyalist?
 Ashanti Adams


  1. Nice article with some attractive image. I believe and agree with your article. Thanks

    1. Hello Rokon,
      Thanks for your input. Yeah the attractive image is to compel people to read. Lol

  2. The irony in the November 28th 1775 is quite delightful considering a popular phrase during the revolution '' all men are created equal''. It baffles me how no one could see the inherent flaw in the discrimination against the blacks even after they took up arms with them.


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