Aug 23, 2012

A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear younger self,
How do you do? Its your thirteenth birthday. You know that time you are expected to go wild for some reason. I know your mind has harbored thoughts and this day would only make them surface. I plead with you to be reasonable.

I know you are not one to go crazy in your display but you are with your harsh words. Sometimes you think with clocking thirteen maturity does set in. Yes it does in a way if I might count all my eyes has itself locked upon. You are exceptionally right today because it is what holds your gaze that you wallow in and come to a conclusion that thou is a full grown woman.

I applaud all your mind games but I hate to tell you it would get you nowhere. Your old self speaks and I can assure you it knows and has by far tasted it.

I am not ashamed to speak about love though it be not what you expect or what you long for your ears to tingle at because you lack insight. Nonetheless my heavy heart burdens me to spit those words.

I know your ears heard it all as you lined up in church after the bells kept to its resounding sounds. Yes! it is Sunday today you heave that heavy sigh of yours as you dust off the web from your bible. "I'll stay good today, God I promise" You clasp your hands together just as your momma, our momma thought you and I to pray.

It is true you remained good throughout the day - closing your eyes when you were supposed to, standing upright when the need arose but how far did that love speak to you?

Today I have few words to give out even though some of it sting like a bee and I try to shield myself from the pain. I leave you with this - Seize from behaving like hypocrites do. For if you say he loves you he does love you and your works can hardly justify it. Lax in his majesty and stop condemnation because you are majesty. He rightly called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

My child, my younger self. It is indeed silly of me to speak or write to advise you but what can I say that I sense you might toss this letter somewhere just lying fallow and someone who needs it more than you do would stumble upon it and perhaps peruse it with joy.

With love,
Your Older self

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