Aug 28, 2012

A Patriot Slave Woman's Diary (2)

November 3rd 1775
Hi diary,

Today, discussions in the city revolved around slavery. People perceive slavery to be a miserable state (Johnson 144), slaves do not
have the benefit of worship, leisure or the ability to raise their children. As slaves we are faced with the fear of remaining one for the rest of our lives (Bell) and this is why we seek freedom so dearly from our masters. Our masters, the patriots too seek independence from Britain just as we in turn seek freedom from them, for “everything that is right or natural pleads for separation” (Paine 167). This is why we are working so hard to be independent by sending our Families off to war – a sight dreaded by us because we want our voices heard and the rights to property. The loyalists think we and our masters are crazy for seeking emancipation from the British and wanting to start all over (Cozza). Yes! We are crazy but only crazy driven for change. Loyalist! Which is more preferable –to be granted freedom as a slave to start life afresh on the basis of going to war or remain subjected to slavery?
As patriots, our masters are aware of their sufferings, they know where it hurts the most just as we slaves are aware of our concurrent situation and our aching hearts. Britain doesn’t know the pains of our masters and seek to keep them under their rule to satisfy selfish desires (Paine 158). How can a country so far away know the effects of the laws on us if they have no interest in their subjects? “Liberty is the birthright of man, and where obedience is compelled, there is no liberty” (Johnson 145). The British force patriots to submit to their ridiculous laws that do not support their interest. Therefore, if obedience is one guaranteed by force then the patriots are enslaved under the British rule. They have become ones who cannot make decisions or enact laws without seeking the consent of the British and as such when there is force, there comes rebellion. The patriots rebel by overthrowing the government with the desire of making a new one because the former brought hurt (Jefferson 51). As patriot slave’s, we can assert that our master’s separation from Britain, will deny them access to the biggest global trading network and render some people jobless. Although, our masters hope that when they separate from Britain, they are indeed able to give us freedom, provide lands, job opportunities and make new laws at their expense. 
Ashanti Adams

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