Dec 5, 2012

Canada Post puts up a charge for letters to Santa

I know I never bought into this whole idea of there being a make believe man with white beards majorly because of the society I grew up in and partly because of my parents. There was no way I could harbour such fantasies as writing a letter to Santa clause. A tap on the head was enough to send me into thinking straight again. There was nothing like
"Kummy you've been acting naughty this December and so I would tell Santa to put you on his naughty list" Oops not sure if Santa is a man. I hope you get the picture now?
 I am trying so hard to understand what Canada post is up to. Are they trying so hard to be relevant in their society for them to exploit this opportunity by charging ignorant kids for their letters to Santa? At least from the little I gathered, I know they are not meant to be charged. Oh that poor soul she was charged 67 cents for her letter to Santa. A letter that  is responded to by the workers of Canada post. I mean it does not step outside the shores of the office. The only thing I can deduce from this scenario is greed.


  1. Really though? Whoa! That's a lawsuit waiting to happen. If they want to charge for letters to santa, they had better be delivered to the North Pole. LOL.


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  3. @ Hephzibah I know eh? They better deliver them letters.
    @ Lenetta your words are so kind. Thanks a lot. I would be sure to stop by


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