Dec 5, 2012

Video of the week - The Instagram Craze

I salute this people for doing a thorough job in explaining what instagram has become. If I can recall clearly, it was Facebook at first, then twitter and now instagram is taking over. I cannot but wonder what is going to be next as everyone around me seems to want one of them iphone or Android phones so that they can be included in this craze. You know the constant need to belong or to be recognized by society?
Anyway, what is the main purpose of instagram? I am sure most of the users have no idea. I'll help you ease away the tension. It's to upload pictures. Although, I cannot help but think pictures is too much of a general term because once a thing is snapped it becomes a picture and can be uploaded. Therefore, the situation presented before us is a bunch of individuals taking us on a tour around their wardrobe or betterstill round their bodies (You know the deceptive side view pictures girls take to portray them as having asses when they dnt?) and finally for the ones that are creative at heart, a picture of a stone. Really a picture of a stone? Okay I kid about that one. I love nature so I would forgive you if I keep checking my instagram and all I see is a picture of a stone.
   The point I am driving at is that humans tend to misuse things and appropriate their own use to things. No wonder instagram has become a medium to display how much clothes you have or how much money you can spread over your bed.
 I still love instagram and I would choose this social network over twitter any day because I could care less about twitting everything I am about to do in a day. Yeah so go out and be creative with your instagram even if the only idea for an upload is you eating a spoon. Like they say WHO CARES?

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