Dec 3, 2012

A Sneak Peek into "A Glimpse of Hope" - My Novel

I know a lot of you are eager to know what my novel is about, how far I have gone with the writing process or for the impatient ones like me a prologue might suffice to calm those itchy thumbs of yours. At least you get to have an idea of the book before it finally comes out. I must say this is one of
the toughest story I have written as the characters or my thoughts never seem to match what I pen down. I do not know if I should be happy that the book is writing itself but all I can say is so far so good. I love this book very much because the writing style is a bit different, the characters seem to possess some charm and aura around them even though they are abiding in evil. I cannot wait to be done with it because it already looks promising. I would be sure to fill you guys in when the book finally comes out. I plan to be done writing hopefully next year so that I can carry on  with the remaining two books I left aside for this one.
   Right now, I cannot give a plot because I am still reworking the story and I have barely made it to the sixth chapter. When I have a stable plot, I would be sure to let you guys know. I feel feedback's help a lot so let me know what you guys think.

                                                      New Fildia
                                              In the year 1900’s
A cold hand swept across her face and rested its hard worn hand tightly against her mouth, squeezing
her jaw and compressing the upper tip of her lips. She let out a loud yelp of pain and found her exhausted legs kicking strenuously at the gigantic figure that stood unmoved before her. He barely lifted her from the ground with her feet still taking possession of the ground as her body swiftly moved along with his. He tightened his grip around her mouth before setting off through the idle pathway that was made bright due to the reoccurring effects from the scorching sun. His hug was strong on her and this made it hard for her to break away from his embrace.
    His legs quickened along the dusty trail leaving behind hurried footprints imprinted in the hot soil. He was dressed in black and had a cloth stylishly worn over his head. The black soft cloth clung to his head as the wind blew and revealed the hidden structures of his face. The only visible thing, his eyes, was brown in colour. It held comfort in them when it came upon her mockingly as she assayed unavailingly to let go of his firm grip.
   “Get your filthy hands away from me” she called out through his scaly hands, hitting him perennially. He clasped his hands over her mouth more firmly but withdrew it almost immediately when the sharp ends of her teeth brushed mildly against his scaly skin. He still had his other hand fastened below her waist which aided a smooth transition from where she stood to where he was. He looked over her with annoyance in his eyes, unveiling himself now to seal her chattering mouth with the soft cloth and her hands, he fixed recklessly behind her. He let go of her hands, grabbing her by her forearm and dragging her to a spot where they both could get some rest.
   The thoughts of carrying her into the night without the mere sparkle of light to direct his path, forced his mouth to curve into a smile. She looked up at him from where he sat peacefully, resting his head against a hard wood. There was something elusive about his expression and about the way he sat there calmly with a brief smile on his face. “Did he realize he just unveiled his face in her presence? His face did not insinuate that of worry as he confidently tilted it towards her direction as if he meant for her to get a better perspective of it. She could see clearly now his young tender face that was formerly buried behind the mask that clung to his skin. His dark smooth chocolate skin glowed with the teeny presence of light that was still set high in the sky. His dark hair was crimpy and his sturdy body deviated from the serene look he wore.

                                      © A Glimpse of Hope ©
   She sat there with questions flushing through her confused mind, questions she knew he alone held the sole keys to. She wished he was kind enough to take off the cloth that bugged her mouth from speaking up. If so, knowing the chatter box that she is, she’ll demand that he provides her with an explanation for this unjust act. Her words could go a long way but her will power could barely put an end to his constant hauling of her arms. She could swear right away without giving a thought to it that her arms were breaking loose from the socket it was attached to. Well, if it was not already so. “My thanks”

Note - Intellectual property of Kummy. No part of this work should be produced or copied without the permission of the author.                                                                                              

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