Dec 21, 2012

Are we still here?? - Video of the Week

And so I woke up today and gazed at my phone and the date on it read 21/12/2012. I squeezed my face, pinched my hands and eventually let out a scream.
   "I have been left behind" I clutched my hands to my face in fear.
I remember reading that book as a kid but now it felt so real. I always laughed at how silly it was for
some people to remain behind while others made their way to heaven. I mean my life was perfect. I was not soiled so I could never be in that position.
   I got up hurriedly from my bed and rushed out of my room. I saw my sister sitting peacefully on her bed. She held up her face to meet mine after which the sides of her mouth gave way to a smile.
   "No God we've both been left behind" I cried as I dashed out of the door to the main house
   "Its an hoax. You are not the first to go crazy today" Some passerby said angrily
   "Oh yeah so they got me worked up for nothing"  I hissed

Well, aren't you tired of heeding to what people say? Well I am. I do not know how many times they have predicted the world is coming to an end but one thing I know is that God has the key to that. So a lot of this theorist would come up and say what they think but bear in mind that it is only God that has the sole answer to that.
   Anyway, the good thing is that you still have the time to spend Christmas with your loved ones. Happy holidays!!


  1. HAHA I more often than not have the same experience but strangely it only happens when I cant call naijaa


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