Nov 26, 2012


Sometimes I wonder how men approached women in the 50's or even before then. Here is my silly  attempt to depict this. If you guys like it, I might as well continue with it. It is a rough sketch by the way. 

Thursday 16th 1955

....If I say the words "I Love You"
And that my heart sees no other but you
The words I have been meaning to tell you
Would your heart agree with me?

And will thou see me as worthy of thy trust?
If I say your eyes sends me dreaming
And thy looks sets my gaze running     
Will thou consider it to be a compliment?
Or the words from a "just heart?"
I sense the pain in your eyes
It calls for me

As if it is where it longs for me
I know your mouth moves
And it waters with words of disgust
But it is my plea
That thou would set thy lovely eyes on mine
On me
Where I bring my lonely self to you
In the cold of the night
Where the chills of the sunny night
Blows your sad self away
Away to me
If thou would allow for it
I would behold
Your quiet figure
And the curves of your body I would reminisce
Not that I take possession of you
And you become my object
But I would think through
Of our long journey over the years
When your shielded self stands before my rogue being 
                           - Daren

 These were his spoken words and they came to me in writing during the period when my body begged for the shades that hid its glorious self on that morning. They were sincere words and I could clearly feel the tears that loosely hung at the corner of my eyes. It was warm and salty. The same taste I comforted myself with when I desperately longed to hear those soft spoken words from the one I trusted to be my lover.
      I tear up now as I grasp my pen tighter in my hands. For my heart has suddenly become numb and my mouth occasionally filled with sour words. Words I would rather bottle in and perhaps someday might foster the elimination of the tale love. I hope? For without it I might struggle to live by and with it, my heart might become vulnerable to heartbreak.
   It is about time I give my written approval or disapproval because experience makes me discern how hard it might be to wait anxiously for a response. 

Friday 17th 1955

"The days do not look fairer 
Nor the clouds cast its glorious presence out
The sun does not sparkle
Nor does my clean clothing possess its cleanliness
The wind is not fierce
Nor is my love for you held strong
The flowers do not blossom
Nor what you desire of me grow beyond me
The clock keeps its blithe noise going
As if it means to call at my distracted attention
But it is more like it is I calling you
With my converted eyes
Not seeking you but sending unscrupulous messages
I am forced to bury my shameful head
Because I might not be the fair maiden 
That had your gaze"
        - Emma

Indeed I received your letter with great smiles and it is much certain that I could detect the contempt in your words. I understand thou has not received much love and to have one thrown recklessly at your feet, is way too much for you to comprehend. I apologize for my insensitivity for if you know me well, you’ll realize I am not one like that. 
   My love for you is what drives me nuts. It fuels my heart and forces it to motion. If thou would not be angry and perhaps have eyes for me you might as well mold me into the gentleman am not. I am sure you’ve heard of my tales. I am the ladies man. It is on the lips of everyone in town.  What do you say? A walk round town tomorrow?
            - Daren 

Mr Daren,
   I understand that you have eyes for me but what makes me appalled is that we barely have had interaction with one another. We are nothing but strangers and strangers we shall forever be. You must think so high and mighty of yourself to send me ridiculous information about you. My interest is vast but love seems to have escaped the list. I am sure your sweet words can possibly get you some of your numerous admirers.
Good day!

        - Emma

Hey sweetie,
   If it is only rage I force as a nuisance - A nuisance because your tone detects so, I am overwhelmed. For I can tell just as a young boy knows his left from right that rage is better off than hatred. I would love if you give it much thought and ignore the watery mouths of townsmen. It is jealousy that speaks and not hearts that mean well. I am your best bet. I assure you.
      - Daren

Hey Emma! Three days have gone by without a word from you. If you were to send me a pin because you would rather remain mute than converse, I would have held great delight in that. At least if I toss my little friend to the ground it makes a bit of noise which is more preferable to this abrupt silence.  I miss your hateful words. You see, we don’t have to go on our proposed walk if that scares you. I’d rather we are comfortable first. I sincerely love you and your safety and happiness is my priority. How do you do?
     - Daren

What do you guys think? Do not fret there would be more action and the rest of the story would not revolve around two lovers exchanging letters.


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