Aug 28, 2012

A Patriot Slave Woman's Dairy

Got into a bit of history about Great Britain and America. During my research on the topic as a  slave, I stumbled on some interesting facts. Here it is in form of a diary. Enjoy!

In this article, I support the patriot's which are American's. I plead for their emancipation away from Britain.


November 1st 1775  
Hello Diary,

   As I sit peering through my window and gazing upon the exquisite sky, I notice the scorching sun as it sets majestically on the horizon smiling intensively at me. I perceive the compelling odours of flowers and the freshness of the air. A new day it is! But as I endeavour to scan my
environment meticulously, I realise it has become bare and rusty overnight. The beautiful scenery I once saw is no more as it has faded into bubbles of despair. I am a black woman slave by the name Ashanti Adams and Derrick Adams 17 years of age is my son. We both dwell in the household of Isaac Sears located in Charlestown in Boston.

   The news about the patriots going to war with Great Britain has circulated round the country. The patriots promise us –slaves- freedom if we decide to join their army. Although, forming an army requires funding with taxes, printing money or contributions by the wealthy (Report from Massachusetts). As slaves we know the lives of families, friends, ours and loved ones will be endangered (Masella) but this is the sacrifice we pay for change – freedom. Everyone forgoes something either way. For if there is no war slave’s loose freedom forever, Labourers their land, women and children will have their voices suppressed. Also the war will pose damage to our properties and hard labour (Birk) but as slaves, what properties do we have? Our labour does not produce properties we call our own, even our very existence is dictated by our masters.
   The loyalist want to maintain status quo and fear change will generate chaos. They do not want to succumb to new rules, change in attitudes and fear voting will be mandatory (Masella).  Johnson says “he that will enjoy the brightness of sunshine must quit the coolness of the shade(Johnson 139). As a patriot slave I realise change will bring about anxious thoughts about the future but if loyalist slaves, women and children all request for a voice, they need to quit the coolness of the shade – status quo and enjoy the brightness of sunshine – change. This is the only way for their heart desires to be met. I merely understood until this day, why our masters seek enormously a movement of liberty from oppression and damage from Britain (Anderson 73). This is because they are held bound by Britain in the same way they hold unto us. This bondage I understand keeps me and my family here but will melt away soon and my tears will dissolve into laughter because of the liberty to go home and visit my homeland AFRICA. 

Ashanti Adams


  1. Nice article but too bad for Ashanti that freedom didnt come until abraham lincoln won the civil war.

  2. Really good diary too bad Ashanti will continue to be a slave until president
    Lincoln freed the slaves but still it gives the insight that slaves will lay it all down to bring forth the winds of change


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