Mar 17, 2011

Friends in Disguise!

 Don't u just hate them? The ones that stick their ugly looking heads when things seem okay and redraw it quickly when the going is tough. The ones that come to you smiling when they see you and within a few seconds of your absence, they have their mouths running. They spill out words your ears can't seem to understand and accept. To some, your ears have become accustomed to their loud noise and irrelevant talks. I call them friends in disguise.

They do not add anything meaningful to your life but instead they increase your headache and pain. They come to you with their cunning faces seeking to bring forth your downfall and nothing else. They call themselves friends, your friends. They call themselves reliable and dependable. Now they have me laughing and irritated.

Who on earth acknowledges a person who is there only when things go well? They have me thinking. I am reorganizing my life. I am keeping away from you, away from friends who  only call when they need you. I am running away so it is best you stay there. I need people who would say "Ooh it didn't go well, you try harder" and mean it and not ones who would say "you can do it" and go behind closed doors laughing and saying things such as "You suck, you know you are just a looser".

Friends like that are not worth the energy, space and time. It is best you ignore them even though the most normal thing to do is to give them a taste of their medicine. You need to prove them wrong and not waste the better part of you thinking about what they did or said!

Your time is worth more!


  1. You will find that you will have to continuously sift through your friends as you go on.

    I always think that one should count themselves lucky if they are able to identify those that they need to cut off before anything major goes wrong.

  2. There are really people who only know you when they are after of something. Those that want more of yourself when they know you can still give but leave you when you need them most. These are disgusting people who do not deserve your time and attention.


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