Mar 17, 2011

His Love Letter to U!

My Dearest Beloved, 
              Don't you hear the still small voice saying "Let me in, Let me in" over and over again? It is not forceful but pleasant. It is an angelic sound that plays softly in your heart. It says "I want to come in, for you to  partake in the sweet soft sound that I have plenty of, but are you willing to let me in so you can enjoy the melodies from it?" It says "I have the love you want. I have it in
abundance but are you willing to let me into your heart where I can let it flow in a way you would no longer seek more or thirst for the unrequited love you receive from the one you call lover?" I will give you the love you seek, the love you want so badly because my love is nothing compared to another!
You are Beautiful. I know it!
                    I love you without the extra coverings on your face because when off, you begin to look more like me. You are the bride I have been waiting for. The bride I cherish. The bride my heart burns for day and night. You take away the sleep I posses in my eyes because I  sit and watch over you silently. I stir at your still figure to make sure you are okay while you sleep gently in your bed. "I LOVE YOU" and I would not stop loving you.
    Don't worry about your soiled hands. Don't worry about been unworthy of my love because you worth every bit of my love. You are perfect and I love you just the way you are. I want my love to burn right through you. I want you to feel what you have never felt before because I see your heart is aching for love, acceptance. I have it all.
   I stand at your door, your heart. I am there knocking patiently. I come by each day waiting and wondering when a day would come and  you would receive my love, when you'll decide to trust me and lean against the warm shoulder I have kept out for too long to lay your tired head. I want you home. I want you back with me because this is where you belong. Do not shy away from my presence because I would always keep running after you. I would always knock at that door. I would knock hard till I am accepted.

This is the extent of my love for you. I am ready to go that extra mile, beyond myself once you decide to accept me into your heart. Are you ready because I have been all life long?


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