Mar 6, 2011

Let's be thankful!

I sat down for awhile in my quiet room. I sat there thinking and almost tearing up. My mind and heart seem to be saying another thing. They were in constant wrestle with each other. I could not tell the reason why I was so troubled immediately but realized that I had watched a video recently. I was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that I was among the very few privileged people. 

I am not making sense right?

Okay I would get to it
 I have taken my parents for granted so many times and the fact that they are still alive. It never really bothered me that some people do not really have parents to  look after them and have to take up that
role from a tender age. I didn't care if people walked around the streets aimlessly in need of alms but I made a mistake. I knew I could not help them because I had little on me to change the fact that they were homeless and have no one to look after them but there was something I was missing still. I needed to be thankful with each passing moment of the day and quit complaining about my bossy parents and annoying regulations set in place. I needed to tell myself that I was lucky to have someone to care for me, someone to love me when I didn't need it.

So any time I feel like complaining and lamenting about how cruel my parents are I remember I am
privileged to have someone to make life so unbearable for me and think back to those who have a dying wish of wanting  someone to restrict their freedom and tell them it would be okay if they listen to them.  

I am very thankful that I get to take in the morning air whenever my eyes dash open to begin a new day. The air that sweeps me off my feet and quickens my pace to start a brand new day and also slowly dissolve as I make my way to bed. That air! breathing! I am thankful for it all. For the fact that my body functions well and it is in shape brings great joy to me and also forces me to render words of appreciation  to the one above who sees all things and smiles back at me when he realizes am grateful.

Let's be thankful!!!!!

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