Mar 15, 2011

Your worst Enemy is U!!!!

Hell no! what do u mean? I love myself. You must be insane. Yes that's what I utter under my breath when people say "I am my worst enemy". What do they know about me? What gives them the audacity to jump into conclusions about me!!!

Okay I should have held myself before speaking out so boldly because I just got too emotional about it. Anyone would do the same too but why? I must say I didn't understand that phrase clearly. That's what ignorance does to you. It makes you feel like you actually know what you are talking about, but the fact is that you got no clue.

So I am my worst enemy right? How possible is that? I am kind of confused.

I was as confused as you are now. I thought about it for a bit and it became clearer to me. When I say "Ooh you are so stupid for doing that" or "You are just dumb" What does that make me? My lover? Of course not! Get real! I become my enemy when I begin to acknowledge the words of others. When they become melodious sounds in my ears and they are able to resonate over and over in my heart.

I am my enemy when I say am beautiful and someone says you are ugly and I heed to it. I stand and stir at myself and say "why are you this ugly?" and then I go further by seeking medical aid in order to fit the peculiar taste of people. I become my greatest enemy then because though I am smiling outside and I am perceived to like what I see everyday when I gaze into the mirror, I might be dying inside.

So if I am really dying inside why do I believe what they say? Who cares if they say I am fat and stupid as long as I have clothes that fit me perfectly? Who cares if I stutter when I speak as long as I can get my messages across? Who cares if I am ugly when I know someone would find me appealing? Who cares if I dance horrible as long as I can do other things well?

It is all about being positive because it is not everyone that would say what you long to hear. If you are waiting for that, you got to be kidding because that will be a long wait! It is a mind game. Do not let people toy with your mind. When you wake up, spill out some encouraging words to start your day. Boost up that ego that people want to crush so badly. You are your worst enemy but you can also become your best friend. It starts with you. It starts with believing!

No one makes you feel better and inferior except yourself once you allow it to happen.

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