Mar 6, 2011

Get Back to your Dreams

I look at how natural it has become for kids to come up with promising dreams about how they picture their world. It might be dreams about what they want to become or a desire to not be poor. Whatever way you look at it, they got a dream running up their small but great minds. 

On the other hand, I marvel at the change that occurs once we become adults. Those dreams that were so promising to us have lost the drive to make them reality. Our hope for the future, we decide to dash it out?

I thought a dream was a force that made us very uncomfortable with the position we lie in. It makes us itchy so we can strive for a change, for more comfort but why do some forgo what brings to them benefit?

It is because they have lost hope in dreaming. They are lacking the ability to persevere in situations that are unlikely now to yield change. They are tired of waiting endlessly with no change coming forth but still all are mere excuses and hindrances towards that great life you want.
To have that enjoyable life you must encounter obstacles on the way and you can only sustain such journey with dreams. Moreover, I am not implying that the hurts and trials are easy to bear but would only make you stronger.

So why give up when your life is about to take a turn? When things look promising

Get back to your dreams. Keep your dreams etched in your hearts where it is the closest to you. Do not let your present situation way you down or the STUPID words of ignorant fools get to you. This is because when your dreams become reality you will have your mouth wide spread.

Here is a touching video (Well from my perspective) ENJOY!!!

If they can also dream for a change, what stops you from getting down with yours? 

Remember who laughs last laughs the BEST! So keep dreaming

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