Jul 23, 2012

A walk in the Woods

I always do crazy things!!!!

A walk in the woods? On a Sunday? I need a punch in the face. So if your hands are aching  for some exercise you can always come down here to put them to work. Well, giving that I permit you access to my face. I do not think that would be happening anytime soon but you know the saying "A patient dog eats the fattest bone?" Booyeah! 

I went down to the woods with a couple of people - My friend, brother and cousin. You can easily tell am not as adventurous as I portrayed myself to be earlier on. I love my life and I love to be safe. Hence, I didn't go alone.

It was kind of scary even though I had people around me. The place was enclosed. It was almost as if I had been hauled into a box. You must also keep in mind that I do not have a car and so I had to walk my way from church to the woods in my heels. Yes my heels because my silly self did not count it as worthy to tuck my flats in my bag. Haha if my bag could actually fit one.

The place was sloppy and each time I walked, I had to be meticulous about each step I made. I am still in awe. I do not know how I made it home without being all sore

It was refreshing just strolling and taking in the odour of pine, looking up and starring into the blue sky. You must know by this description that I am a sucker for crazy views and nature so I was all smiles walking in my heels. I didn't give a hoot if my leg hurt but I did when I saw a dog approaching me. It was crazy. I was screaming, fidgeting, freaking out all at once. I do not like dogs so its no wonder that I created a scene by screaming at the dog owner to hold his dog because it was running towards my direction.

Finally! Pictures!!!!

Doesn't this scare the freak out of you? Well it sure looks like a no go area for me. You can imagine how scared I was when I saw the dog running towards me. The first thought that popped up was "No escape for you dear. This little kiddo just made itself some snack"

Wow! Look at those gorgeous trees!!! I wish I could just sit by it eating an apple in one hand and the other  holding up a book to read.

Haha somehow I longed to remove my heels so I could dip my toes into the cool water .

At least this view kept my gaze focused on it until I heard footstep in front of me. I had to quicken my pace but really I cannot go without saying Nature is BEAUTIFUL.

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