Jul 3, 2012

Diary of a New Bride

Culled up from a Magazine - 'The Princess'

  Now home from honeymoon and settled in our new home. It's fun to cook for Alfred. Today I made him an angel food cake and the recipe said; 'Beat 12
eggs separately'. Well, I didn't have enough bowls to do that, so I had to borrow 12 bowls to beat the eggs in. The cake turned out just fine.

  We wanted a fruit salad for supper. The recipe said: 'Serve without dressing' So I didn't dress. Alfred happened to bring a friend for supper that night and they both looked so startled when I served them. I think it was the salad.


  I decided to serve rice and I found a recipe which said; 'Wash thoroughly before steaming the rice' So I heated some water and took a bath before steaming the rice. Sounded kind of silly in the middle of the day and I can't say it improved the taste of the rice.

   Today, Alfred asked for salad dressing again and I tried a new recipe. It said: 'Prepare ingredients and then toss on a bed of lettuce one hour before serving' I hunted all over the place for a garden and when I got one, I tossed my salad into the bed of lettuce and then stood there for an hour so the dog wouldn't take it. Alfred came over and asked if I felt alright. I wonder why? He must be stressed at work; I'll try to be more supportive.

  Today i found an easy recipe for cookies. It said: 'Put all ingredients in a bowl and best it' Beat it I did, to my Mum's place. There must have been something wrong with the recipe because when I came back everything looked the same way I left it.

   Alfred went shopping today and brought home chicken. He asked me to dress it for Sunday. i'm sure I don't know how hens dress for Sunday, I never noticed back on the farm. I found an old doll dress and its little cute shoes. I thought the hen looked really cute.

 When Alfred saw it, he started counting to ten

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