Jan 11, 2014

A different Look at Creativity

           When I think about creativity, I think of it in subjective terms because of the variations attributed to the term by a wide range of people. To prove this, I'd love to conduct an interview on the streets of North York Toronto. This way, I would have substantial evidence to justify my claim.
         But yeah I have been contemplating on this topic for over a year now, pulling my hair out, rocking my chair, possibly throwing tantrums because of the insatiable desire to gather a new approach on this topic. I used to think of creativity in the most simplistic form which if you ask me, is the ability to create something new from the scratch. This, I believed only to be creativity and any other thing that might take a similar course to this, is only a disguise of the original. I believed that an idea had to be born fresh, anew before presented boldly to people as a creative idea that exhibits authenticity. Hence when people deviated from this, I would usually point a finger at them and say they lacked creativity, insight and the ability to think.
          Its no wonder why I was not the least surprised when I came across the artwork below. As like many others, all I could see was a fish. I had totally ignored the richness of the materials used for the composition of such a great artwork.


I took a second look at the art and I begun appreciating its beauty. It  became apparent to me now as it was not just an artwork of a fish but rather an artwork created with the least expected materials. Who knew your day to day disregarded possessions such as slippers could be employed to make an item? This got me thinking and I realized that creativity was not something that solely bore out of a need to create an entirely new item. Creativity became to me, attributing alternate use to things. I can picture the artist saying, "how can I create another use for slippers?" It sounds somewhat ridiculous but that's how creative and mind blowing ideas are conceived.

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