Feb 8, 2014

Not all guys have had girlfriends

         Today I heard the most astounding news and for some reason, I could not get a hold of myself.

Benedict Cumberbatch bears close resemblance with Alex. Well except for those eyes. 
It all happened on a dreary Friday night at the library. My mind was filled with worries. I needed to come up with a concept for my radio ad campaign. I was running out of ideas because my professor had bored into my head that I needed to resist the usual if I wanted my ad campaign to standout from the clutter.

            I had my face buried in my work. I was doing absolutely fine until my friend came around. She wanted to converse while I on the other hand, craved for an idea to surface soon. I was not sure what to do so I listened while trying my best not to give my thoughts away. It was a bigger task than I realized. She could tell I was the least interested in what she was saying. I know. There is just something about my facial expression that always seem to betray me no matter how hard I try to conceal my thoughts. And so she decided to turn to her next victim. A young man, blonde hair, fairly muscular and with descent looks that made any girl turn for a minute. He was definitely good looking but the wow factor needed to capture any girl's attention for an endless amount time, was out of the equation.

         I continued with my thought process hoping to arrive at a good concept anytime soon but I could hardly concentrate because of the sound of her ceaseless voice. She kept probing the young man  for information.

While I studied the two, I noticed the young man was a bit hesitant whenever he spoke. So I said to him, "Are you nervous?" because I could not understand why he was fidgeting and failed to keep eye contact with either me or my friend. He kept glancing at the sheet of paper in front of him. 

"No I'm not. I just have an exam I am preparing for and I still have quite a lot to read" He responded politely. Right then I understood the uneasiness. All he wanted was a quite time on the table to study. My friend probed further by asking what his name was

"Alex" He responded. Then she made a joke about her name being Alexander. He believed her. Well let's just say he did so because he wanted her to tone down her questions to the barest minimum. 

          So I said to her. "Let's leave him to study" After this, we wished him good luck and continued chatting. I occasionally took some break off chatting to study but the material I was reading did not hold my attention for long. So I asked my friend if she would love to help me with my interview. She willingly obliged to my request. I was delighted.  My thoughts were "I needed to do this over the weekend anyway so why not start now?" We two cleared our books and laptops off the table. Once we were done, Alex bade us bye like he had been waiting for eternity for us to exit the table. 

          We decided we wanted to commence research immediately and to my surprise, I spotted two of my friends walking towards my direction. Just perfect I said as we began bombarding them with questions. I loved the response I got so I continued throwing questions at them. I noticed my friend - the one I begged to conduct an interview with me, had left my side and was two metres apart from where I stood. She was talking to another dude. I poked my head to see who and that's when I noticed that it was Alex. He decided it was about time he took a walk and filled up his bottle with water.  

          I excitedly left my friends and ran towards my other friend who was now interrogating Alex. 
"What would you want to receive from your girlfriend this valentine's day?"
He hesitated for a little. He was not sure why we were asking such a question and so we kindly explained to him that it was research and I needed his input to help me write an award winning ad campaign. He seemed satisfied with the answer and so he opened his mouth to offer his response

"Erm I do not know. Are you asking me what I would get her?"

          I was not satisfied with his answer so I asked him, "What would you get for your girlfriend apart from chocolates, candy, flowers and cards on valentine's day?"  He hesitated for a moment once again "I do not know"

         We tried explaining ourselves again and then I asked "What have you gotten your girlfriend in the past?" This is where it gets amazing.
He seemed shy then he begun muttering something. It was hard to make out what he was saying.
"Sorry, what did you say?" I almost said with frustration but since he was doing me a favour I relaxed my nerves.
"I do not have a girlfriend"
"Yes that's okay" I responded "But what have you gotten her in the past?"
"I have never had a girlfriend" He whispered shyly.

"Really?" I was shocked.
"Wow. that's amazing. I said giving him an high five" He became embarrassed and told my friend and I that he had to go study. Before leaving us completely, he told us that we knew where to find him  if we had any further inquiries" I was really looking forward to meeting with him after I'd finished with the interview process but it so happened that when I got back to the library to look for him, he was nowhere to be found. I hope I see him soon so I can ask him why he never had a girlfriend. That should be fun.

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