May 14, 2014

The Tale of Every Creative Person

            There's one thing that makes me overly excited, making it really hard for me to even contain the joy I'm raptured in. The reason for this is no other than watching a client leave with utmost satisfaction. It warms my heart and sometimes I question myself about the feeling.

"What could this be?" And the response I get is, it's the feeling of accomplishment.
Yes! Finally I say after all those sitting, paper tossing, scribblings, sometimes tearing up and long walks to welcome a creative idea.

           This is why I love leaving any creative work I do with so much eagerness and happiness because I can't wait till I see the look of satisfaction on the client's face. I'm like finally where has relief gone because I missed you baby.

            I do not know how to describe the feeling but the image that comes to mind is a chocked person. This particular individual in question, lays in wait till he gets the relief he needs to have his life back on track again. So he's constantly struggling, waving his hands to call attention to himself until someone comes to the rescue. The same concept can be synonymous with any creative work. One's mind is constantly in chaos.
  When I talk about chaos I do not mean the one posed by war but instead, I draw reference to a  mind constantly put to work. Then there's this part that tells you "O that's a brilliant idea" then another part says "Oh wait, let's try to see if this idea works before we fall too deep for it" When this happens, we know the next course of action - more paper tossing till we have gathered a pile that we can build into a pyramid.

           Amusing eh? But the beauty of this is that within the frustration, the lamenting, the groaning and sweating, there's still that pinch of happiness that makes us continue with what we do. That makes us yearn for more no matter the criticisms we have to deal with or the amount of time we have to rework a project. When I look at all this. I'm speechless. Really!

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