Aug 22, 2014

Its all bulls at the end of the day

          I remember listening to Joyce Meyer a few days back nodding as if I've been reincarnated into an Agama Lizard. My head could barely hold still for Joyce's wisdom and dissection of the scriptures seemed somewhat profound and yet so easy to comprehend. I was indeed touched and I noticed that most times when I bobbed, I did so because she was either reiterating some of the things I discussed with friends or was a confirmation that I still was doing a whole lot of things wrong. As usual I was not the least surprised because even when I undergo my haphazard prayer every once when I feel like, I sense something saying "Let go and let God" but the interesting thing is that even though I know this, there's always that urge to fight back and be in control of my life.

          Not sure why but what i'm learning these days is total surrender to God. It's hard but I tell you its what yields the best result. I know much of what you're reading today sounds like jargons, for some your mouth has already moved swiftly with curses. Excellent for it reveals that some level of rationalization is going on. So you might as well give yourself a pat or clasp your hands together for a make believe high five. If you did so, I'm guessing we can move on now.

         I find it very ironic when we strive for something and then we end up accomplishing it but what we discover after the endless toiling is that a void is still there. Ugh infuriating isn't?  I kind of have a sense of how you feel. I cannot say I totally get you because our situations might vary but if i'm allowed to at least present a reason why that does happen, I'll say fulfillment still has not been reached. And the only remedy I know is JESUS CHRIST. This is why I say its all bulls at the end of the day because we spend our lives labouring and trying to achieve our dreams but once that happens, a void surfaces which we try to fill with money, drinking or other material possessions which eventually compounds the situation. But the good news is that its possible to dissipate the void and once again gain the fulfillment you need. All it takes is believing in God. 


  1. So true!!!! Sometimes my confusion starts when i try to control everything in my life...but Jesus Makes it all easy>>>>I'm on that journey too and hopefull i'll get very soon..
    I enjoyed this post :)


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