Nov 22, 2014

The days in retrospect

It'll be December in a few weeks and i'm here thinking when did the days go so fast? Even more what did I do all September up until now? "I possibly can't have forgotten how the school semester begun". I say trying so hard to convince myself while deep in thoughts reminiscing.
       Erm it started off with little sleep because I suddenly undertook a big project before the school semester commenced. And so I spent most of September working my butt off to meet the deadlines for the project as well as that for school. If you ask me, September  for me was a lot of sleepless nights maybe that's why I can only remember bits and pieces of it.
       October came in like a gush of wind determined to last longer than its precursor. It did. But as wonderful as that sounds, I do not remember what I did with that ample amount of time. Well if you must know, I had the days off school for three days. That felt awesome. I remember saying that to myself but the rest of the drama that must have happened in between, seems to have currently flown over my head. I might remember it later but for now my memory is failing me.

       November came in like a silent thief not announcing its presence just meticulously carrying out its own activity. Like really it feels as if the first of November was yesterday. I mean the clock changed around that time which means more hours to rest. But what do we have here? It's the 23rd already?
        Just curious to see if I'm the only one that feels this way. That feels everything happens to fast that it becomes increasingly hard to even keep track of the days or what you did

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