May 21, 2013

Favourite Ads of the Week

Oreo Wonderfilled Anthem

Oreo always has one of the best advertisements.
And no I am not just throwing words or making a rash statement because I am a lover of the dark and creamy cookie. My love for it is only a prove that the company has surrounded itself with a good marketing team that is responsible for driving and making things happen.

Now, why do I consider this to be good advertisement? Could it be because of the well crafted lyrics that is available to be downloaded for free on the company's website? Yay! Go Oreos. Or the colourful pictures and enjoyable narration? I wish those were the major driving forces of my decision but they barely came into play here.

I was simply impressed with the message and the extent they went in promoting it. The message being that with  Oreos you can flip everything around which is less of a wonder when the advertisement ends with the words "wonder if I gave an oreo to you" Its almost like a cliffhanger and they leave you to decide what an Oreo would flip around for you. Hunger or .... It's up to you to decide.

If you want to download the theme song for this advertisement, click on the oreo link below.

Another breathtaking idea from Oreo's was during its 100th years celebration. Click on the link below to take a look.
100th years Celebration

Heineken - The Negotiation
I enjoyed every moment when I watched this. Most of the comments were hilarious. I think you should take a look before I bore you out.

Now, whether the people were bad actors or Heineken went through an unnecessary tedious process to promote its image,  we can't deny the fact that it was impressive and you got a good laugh. Like really you'll buy stadium seats for $1899 because they just spoke to you?

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