Jun 14, 2013

Constructing the "Ideal Self"

I guess when you reach a certain point in life, there is a thought that is always lingering around but does not exactly settle until you take that extra step to pull out a seat and observe a quick quiet time. It is only then you are fully able to dissect it and get a proper glimpse of the situation.

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. Perhaps it is  because I am around that age where my frontal lobe is developing hence I can be more rational about my environment, policies and most importantly my life. Its no wonder I am beginning to detest noise as I would just like for once to sit peacefully and let my imaginations run wild and paint pictures on my behalf or its no wonder most times I am asked the same question
         "Are you okay?"
because I am beginning to relish quietness.

I am not sure why this came about and to think of the rigour of addressing such an inquiry, I would rather not.

Moving on,
I find this particularly fascinating when outsiders decide they can conjure up an image of me. Well I am hoping that by merely scrutinizing me for a brief second my observer is  able to download thoughts about me. And God helps him if half of it is nowhere near reality. To me, all this equates to is a journey towards the discovery of the self where both the inner and outside mind or thoughts collide. This is where the real battle begins as we struggle to unravel the self either  by using outside opinions as base and later checking it up against your perceptions about yourself.

Now the problem is who gains the upper hand?
Whose thought do we begin to acknowledge?
Who are we interested in pleasing?

It is important to let this questions sink through our minds as it would help us understand if we are subconsciously constructing the self base on our ideal perceptions about ourselves or that of others.

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