May 11, 2013

Experience, the new song

I find it funny that our song towards education is constantly changing. I guess one of the main reasons for this change would be because of the way society is structured. We live in a dynamic society, where things are constantly changing. If we look back to the time when we were born and how society is now, we'll see that there is an enormous difference in how things were and are now ordered. If you do not believe me, try it. The quickest way is  to look at how technologies has evolved over the past few years. There was a time when a diskette was heavily relied upon to store information and slowly the use of a CD and USB became later innovations after this.
Similarly, lego used to be the acceptable toy for a child in the 60's but now it is a whole new story as we see kids this days with iPads and console games. 

The same message on "Change" has been employed to other aspects of our lives. Who knew gay marriage would be acceptable or even interracial marriages? Okay I would rather not dabble into that so  lets tilt our focus towards education. There was a time when all we needed was a degree and good grades. It was on the Tv, in books and journals. That was the accustomed way of living for our parents but hey can you tell that there is a bit of shift now? Today every employer cares about the extra curricular activity you did while you were in school. They all crave for their employees to have some kind of experience. Well, I don't blame them because I would do the same as an employer. Like they say time is money. I would not want to spend hours, money training someone and only for the person to hand me a letter of resignation because he found a better job elsewhere. Hell no!!

No wonder this days, they work your butt and call it volunteering or unpaid internship. Sometimes, I see it as exploitation because you are not paid for the efforts you put in. I am okay with volunteering for charitable organizations but when I have to do that for big corporations, I am sickened. They milk you dry and dispose you off later but if you look at it in a different light, your mind paces to how much experience you can acquire. I guess that's the only consolation at that time - Experience as the new song of education.

So if it is all experience we need? why go to school then or why go through the rigour of been educated? 

I have never for once considered learning to be a thrilling experience. I would rather stay on my comfy couch all day than go to lectures and listen to a lecturer that imposes his thoughts on me. Mind you I said "I would rather" but why do I still join the bandwagon of people who strive to be educated even though we are well aware of the fact that we do not use half or if not all of the things we are taught?  Well, thats because there is a need to be secured somehow. We believe that our education is a form of security. If you do not believe me, try dropping out of school for a year in your fourth year and examine the flow of emotions you get when you see your friends out there in the work place and you, barely making a living. I can assure you, you'll hit yourself in the head for making such a rash decision. 

I still can't fathom why many people lay so much emphasis on education. The truth is that you do not need it. You can say I am biased or better still, I am an idiot but you know what, your opinion does not matter. A lot of great people in our society today had little or no education and they were and are still successful. I hate when people blame everything on their lack of education. If you are opportune to go to school. Kudos and remember to make the best use of it. If not, move on and look for other ways to better enhance yourself so that at the end of the day, they can hardly tell the difference between you and a graduate. 

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