Apr 18, 2014

Here's to something absurd

       Some of my friends at school think I have gone nuts because I have tons of pictures on my phone and never seem to post any on social media. Anytime they snatch my phone away from my hands. I prepare myself for the puzzled look that will soon surface. I start by saying even without being asked. "I know. I just love documenting things. Its for memory sake" They become speechless for awhile and then say you should really get Instagram. I laugh dryly while responding "I already have one"

They do not try to press on further but their faces give away their thoughts. They have their eyebrows raised to denote a questioning look, mouth bent to the sides almost as if they are mumbling words from another planet. Geez! I can already tell what they are thinking. Not that I mind but it will be nice if they asked why I did so.
        So I pretend like I don't know what is happening as I engross myself in my phone. Well this are my thoughts, if you'll rather have your eyebrows raised without considering it necessary to inquire of the reason, I do not in anyway owe you an explanation.

                                                   Has anyone experienced the same thing?

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