Apr 29, 2013

5 Things not to do this Summer

I came up with a list of five things I thought were not summer appropriate because you probably did them all winter and spring. I do not expect you all to agree with me that's why I am posing a challenge to my readers.

This the way it would go. If you disagree let me know why you do. For the neutral readers, let me know the five things you would rather not do this summer. Anyone can post. There might be a surprise for the most creative list so get the list coming.

Remember you cannot repeat what I have posted or that of anyone.

Here are my five things
1) Watch Tons of Movies at the Cinema - I do not expect anyone to spend most of their time this summer at the movies.  I do not see how that is fun when you can possibly go out to do something more entertaining and worthwhile. Do not get me wrong, its okay to watch a few movies during summer. A selected few would be appropriate but do not go crazy with it. If you are the kind that
wakes up and the first thought that comes across your mind is to go to the movies, its best you find a way to evade such thoughts this summer. You want to be able to have a list of the fun things you did before the summer runs out.

2) Facebooking for the Greater Part of the Day - I do not need to get so deep into this. It is pretty straightforward. Don't do it

3) Blaring Music in Isolation - If you want to do this, go karaoking with friends. Do not do this at home.

4) Arrange your Closet - It's a good thing to keep your closet tidy but you can always put that on hold. It should not be on your to do list this summer.

5) Host a Sleep Over - It would definitely be fun but a vacation would be more exciting.
What are your five things?

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