Apr 29, 2013

Summer with the Bikey

So summer is fast approaching and I know a lot of you have been singing the phrase "I can't wait till summer approaches".

 I'm not sure how many times I have uttered that phrase in the past few weeks but I know for sure that if I was to be fined for the amount of times I did, I would probably be in debt by now. I
Know I am not alone. We all can't wait for the feel of the hot sun over our body.
Just a few days ago with the same eagerness, I stumbled on a website that manufactures bikes. I sat there starring into space and wondering about what better way to enjoy summer with a non conventional kind of bike. How fun would it be? The occasional stares and thoughts from passer-by and possibly questions you can't help but laugh hard at.

"Ooh that's a cool bike. Where did you get that from?"
"Is that custom made?"

Those questions would probably make your day and summer too. Sandwichbike is not your everyday conventional bike with heavy metals and I think that's what I found very intriguing when I browsed through the company's website.

I will urge anyone to get one because;
1) It has a sleek design - Its composed of metals sandwiched with two wooden panels. You can hardly notice the chain of the bike too

2) You can order it online - Now this is where it gets tricky. The bike is delivered to you in a box. Do not think it is an hoax. They do this because it's more arduous to transport bulky objects so do not be too surprised when a box shows up instead of a bike

3) You become the creator - I find this very exciting because it creates the illusion that you created something from start to finish even though all you simply did was adhere strictly to the manual.

Click on the link below to read more about the company

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