Jul 19, 2013

Am I loosing my sense to spell?

    I wonder, should I be asking myself such an obvious question when I am still cajoled to use abbreviations and acronyms while texting friends? 


And I say that in fine block letters if you didn't take note. I should state that the inspiration for this post surfaced because of my inability to spell the word "straight" correctly. I found myself helpless while I continuously pressed the backspace button on my computer.  
        Should the "i" in straight come before the "a"?
Erm no clue. At least not at that moment. I was more interested in uncovering the reason why a pink line still appeared even after several wipes. It was obvious that I had switched some letters around. Well, that's the only explanation I could come up with for the incessant appearance of a pink line. It was then it came to my awareness that I was gradually loosing my sense to spell. I froze in shock as I uncovered this fact. It would be much easier to push all the blame on my constant employment of short forms during text messaging. I mean, I had to fit into the social circle somehow even if I had to give up my sense to spell.
        I am not sure how wise of a decision that is and I am wondering should I be bothered about it since in a way, it cannot be helped?
 I have found myself times without number using abbreviations instead of spelling out the actual words during text messaging. I am still not sure how that came about but I do believe as youths and young adults, we would trade anything in for convenience. If it is going to save me the time and the person I am possibly texting would grasp the idea that I am trying to pass across, I see no reason why I need to go the extra mile. In my defence, not all phones provide the option to send a large chunk of message at once so you see why "You and "I" are in a way conditioned to use abbreviations.

What are your thoughts on this topic?
Do you feel twitter has in a way helped to foster this loss?

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