Feb 13, 2013

And its "V" for Vals Day and "L" for Low budget

I know its that time of the year when guys decide its about time to let go of their love for their babes or that time when girlfriends decide to suck up every penny from their men. Yes that beast of a day would be unveiling itself soon.
  I would digress a bit. I think Valentine's day is  overrated. I have my reasons and do not judge me. I feel most people celebrate it because everyone does the same. There is no essence to it but that does not mean if I have the opportunity to celebrate it I would not go ahead. I would definitely do so. It just bugs me that a lot of people lay too much emphasis on the gift and omit the "love" from the picture. I am not the least surprised because most people have no clue as to what love is. I am sure if I had to go round to interview people and ask them about their perceptions on love most people would define it as "the butterflies in their bellies" in a bid to sound very romantic.
    Therefore, I pose a question. Is love really about the flip flop feeling that springs up anytime you locate your crush down the hallway? If you said yes I think you need some self examination because that is a very shallow perception on love. I know no other befitting way to define love than this one word "Sacrifice" I believe true love is all about sacrifice and therefore it is not until you find yourself sacrificing things like your time, money or even energy for someone or putting the other person on top of your priority that love begins to unveil itself gradually. It is only love that makes you bear with the imperfections of others.
    Yeah so I went in a totally opposite direction as I planned and I apologize but I am glad that I did. Have you ever thought of ways to spend vals day on a low budget? If not, this post is for you.

1) Cook for her - I know it is hard thinking up things to buy for a girl or for the very economic type of guys this might be the only light in the midst of darkness. I think girls would appreciate this more than an exotic dinner at a fancy restaurant since it conveys your thoughtfulness especially if you do not do this on a regular.

2) A refreshing walk - I would not give this a full tick since people have different views. If you choose to go with this option, I would advice you to be sure you have that kind of girlfriend that loves going on long walks. During your walk together - hand in hand of course, you guys can both reminisce about how you met. I know most people do not do this but you can each take turns by saying what you love the most about the other person or what you are grateful about.

3) Compose a song for her - I think I might melt if I get to hear a song composed specially for me. This option comes with restriction too. You should only go ahead with this if you know how to sing. I would have said you do a poem but a poem is too cliche and bothersome.

4) Visit places together - I am sure there are free or less expensive places to visit around town - If you love art, go to the gallery or better still see a free show.

5) Handmade presents - I believe everyone is creative somehow. If your girlfriend is so crazy about receiving a gift why don't you try to make her something.  

I hope next year I can think up ways for girls to spice up valentine's day for their men. I hope you guys have a lovely vals day. 

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