Feb 13, 2013

An accidental Encounter

I never dreamed that I would have such an experience. I am still dazzled though. Two years ago I innocently took my writing pad out and I wrote a poem on this topic without realizing that I would be faced with a similar situation in the future. I guess life has a way of surprising you.

So today after a long day of school (11am-10pm), I decided to head home right away because I was a bit fagged out. I left the lecture hall with a friend and we got talking about random stuff as usual when suddenly I saw a very familiar face and knowing how happy I get when I see someone I know, I immediately rushed over to say hello without a second thought to it.

My friend had his hand wide open in preparation for a hug which I responded to. A little warmth from the cold would not hurt. Anyway, we were both excited to see each other after what seemed to be like forever. Although one thing threw us into deep thoughts. We
could not recall each other's names. You should have seen the way we stood calling out random names.

Finally we gave up and we decided it was best just to ask the other person. He told me his name without hesitation and that's when I realized we were actually from the same place and I had not for once asked him for his name prior to when we met.

I thought I had figured  everything out and no other shocking news would surface but I was wrong as I soon found out that we had actually never met before. 

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